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Featured projects:

Virunga Origins — Chocolate

Exporting a finished chocolate bar, thereby keeping the value addition in country to create equitable value chains.

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T3 — Recycling in Kenya

Trash, Thread, Textile (T3): Recycling PET Bottles into Polyester Fibre (rPSF) through a shared-value company.

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Wildlife Conservation via Smart Agriculture

In April 2012, The World We Want Foundation initiated support of COMACO — Community Markets for Conservation. COMACO employs an innovative model to successfully combat deforestation, poaching, and poverty in Zambia. The unique model is the brain child of Dr. Dale Lewis, a zoologist who has worked in Zambia for 30 years and witnessed first-hand the shortfalls of traditional conservation models. Dr. Lewis decided to come at the problem by addressing the root cause of poaching and deforestation — poverty, through smart agriculture. The model then goes one step further by providing a supply chain, value-added processing, and access to national markets through the brand “It’s Wild”.

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Hydroelectricity Virunga National Park

Our focus is the economic sustainability of the park and region through investment in Virunga Energy, 60MW of free-flow hydro power, and the various enterprises such access to electricity enables.

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Smart Electricity Solutions

Access to electricity is one of the keys to development, as it provides light, heat and power for productive uses and communication. Today 1.7 billion people in developing countries do not have access to electricity, most of them living in rural areas; 400,000,000 are in India alone. OMC Power offers these rural customers – both business and […]

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“I look for investments that are well defined, limited in scope and run by skilled entrepreneurs—which in this case means social entrepreneurs who put their soul into what they do.” Paul, founder of 3W