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Featured projects:

Virunga National Park

As our key priority, 3W provided the seed funding for an endowment to support the widows and children of the fallen rangers. We have also contributed the initial funds to build out the distribution network for the first 50 megawatts of power to be completed 2019.

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Agricultural Finance

In order to move forward on two of our priorities in Latin America, Poverty Alleviation through Job Creation and Rainforest Preservation, we have partnered with Root Capital. This innovative organization utilizes a highly impactful model that not only increases the economic welfare of impoverished farmers and artisans, but also drives sustainable agriculture practices.

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Smart Electricity Solutions

Living without reliable electric lighting limits the productivity of nearly a quarter of the world’s population. Basic activities such as cleaning, reading, schoolwork, and household business cannot be done in the dark. Kerosene lamps are widely used for lighting in rural areas of Asia and Africa where electrical distribution is either not available, or too costly […]

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Impact Investing in Education

With a four year commitment, 3W is one of the founding investors of Acumen Fund’s Education and Employability Portfolio. Through our work with Partners in Health in Haiti and Pratham in India, 3W funds specific education programs. Our collaboration with Acumen is slightly different in that the Acumen Fund invests in private-sector companies that can provide basic services to the bottom of the pyramid, profitably and, therefore, sustainably.

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Smallholder Farmers: A Solution to Poverty

Smallholder farmers make up 75% of Africa’s poor. The vast majority live in remote areas of the continent, and are isolated from basic agricultural tools and trainings. As a result, they struggle to grow enough to feed their families, and face an annual “hunger season” of meal-skipping and substitution. In rural East Africa, 10% of […]

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“I look for projects that are well defined, limited in scope and run by skilled entrepreneurs—which in this case means social entrepreneurs who put their soul into what they do.” Paul, founder of 3W