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25 March, 2014 by 3W

Check out the latest article on Off.Grid:Electric’s most recent round of funding.

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wise men

26 December, 2013 by 3W

Read here the rationale for the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund’s investment into Caribbean Harvest.  We hope to finish construction of the processing plant this summer (2013).  This will be Haiti’s first ever fish processing plant!

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25 December, 2013 by 3W

In his latest Forbes’ article, Root Capital CEO, Willy Foote, thanks The World We Want Foundation and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, as well as talks about the work ahead in Haiti.

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Family in front of house 2-2

21 December, 2013 by 3W

There is a long, winding trail which takes you from Haiti’s National Highway #8 down to Madan Belize, a small village on the shores of Lake Azuei. Along this brackish lake live about 300 families, probably among the poorest in this already extremely poor country. Depending on the latest storms, the path can be more […]

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18 December, 2013 by 3W

A major outbreak of coffee leaf rust disease, or ‘roya’, has severely damaged coffee crops across Central America (and to a lesser extent Peru), with significant negative effects for coffee farmers and their organizations. As a response, Root Capital in partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the Interamerican Development Bank, and the Skoll Foundation have […]

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15 December, 2013 by 3W

I slutet av veckan var Kirsten och jag på Skoll World Forums årliga möte i Oxford för Socialt Entreprenörskap. Oxford var regnigt och rätt kallt men det vi upplevde räckte väl till för att värma oss. Det här blev vårt tredje Skoll Forum och vid det här laget känner vi så många att vi har fullt […]

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14 December, 2013 by 3W

In a unique collaboration between the private and public sectors, The World We Want Foundation joins forces with SIDA and leading Swedish businesses to work towards sustainable development.  The May 13th Roundtable Discussion was the first meeting to kick-off what will hopefully be a productive partnership between the private and public sectors to address the development […]

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7 December, 2013 by 3W

Last year, 3W supported two initiatives that we hoped would lead to greater engagement in Great Ape Conservation.  To increase donor cooperation and impact, we teamed up with the Arcus Foundation — one of the world’s most significant donor organizations for great ape conservation.  The first, the A.P.E.S. Portal, is an online tool that provides real-time, visual representation of […]

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18 December, 2012 by 3W

After a whirlwind tour through India visiting various schools and organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit, I was able to not only dig deeper into 3W-supported projects but also better understand the education context/landscape in India.

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Raw shea nuts collected at the village l

8 December, 2012 by 3W

At the end of January 2012, I headed off to Ougadougou, in Burkina Faso, to see Root Capital in action. The impact was striking….

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