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17 January, 2011 by 3W

Job Creation in Haiti

A major obstacle for Haiti is a lack economic opportunity. To address the issue, 3W teamed up with Root Capital and supplied the start-up funding to get Root Capital’s innovative model up and running in Haiti. Root Capital pioneers finance for small and growing businesses (SGBs) by providing capital, delivering financial management training, and strengthening market connections so that these businesses can lift rural communities out of poverty.
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10 January, 2011 by 3W

Lejon Award

Although 3W's focus is on poverty alleviation in developing countries, Paul Leander-Engström also wants to give back to the people and institutions that have influenced his life and career. 2011 is the first year of the Lejon Scholarship Award.
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1 January, 2011 by 3W

Education in India

The right to an education is guaranteed by Indian law to all school-age children. Unfortunately, many gaps exist in the governmental education programs. To address this issue, 3W funds a very successful education initiative, Pratham, in the slums of Mumbai.
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22 December, 2010 by 3W

Ape Habitat Conservation

Historically, conservation initiatives have had noble intentions but with little collaboration among various stakeholders. We believe that if donors, conservation agencies, and local stakeholders work together on an agreed plan, the overall impact will be significantly greater. Together with the Arcus Foundation and others, we are working on various initiatives to conserve the most threatened Ape Habitats. We have a three pronged approach towards our conservation of these great animals: 1) to conserve habitat through projects on the ground, 2) to support the data gathering and scientific research required for policy change, and 3) to support sanctuaries.
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21 December, 2010 by 3W

Mapping Ape Populations

As part of our Ape Habitat Conservation interest, we support programs that will increase data collection and data dispersion of ape populations. The output of this work is an integral element in sustainable natural resource planning and conservation policy for local governments.
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Morning lessons in Haitian school
14 December, 2010 by 3W

Education in Haiti

After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th, 2010, 3W made the decision to help this impoverished island-nation. We waited for the relief and rescue effort to end, and then investigated the best ways for our active engagement, identifying education and job creation as our areas of focus. Through our support of Partners in Health, we are able to provide primary education to over 3,000 students per year.
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9 December, 2010 by 3W

Ape Sanctuaries

Although our focus is ape habitat conservation, we also support sanctuaries that care for victims of the illegal poaching and exotic animal trade. The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary is incorporated within the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and is the only place in Kenya where this highly endangered and remarkably intelligent species can be seen.
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7 August, 2010 by 3W


3W's founder has been supporting the Tretjak Orphanages' exchange program since 2004.
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16 December, 2009 by 3W

Job Creation in India

Increasing economic opportunity among the most vulnerable is a 3W focus. In India alone, a half billion people live on less than $1.25/day. To address this tragic situation, 3W has supported job creation projects since 2006, working with two organizations: Stree Mukti Sanghatana from 2006-2010 and Hand-in-Hand in 2009-2010. In fact in 2009/2010, 3W spent a great deal of time working with the Hand-in-Hand organization in India, and even understanding the model in South Africa. Hand-in-Hand's model of combining self-help groups, micro-finance, and enterprise training is not unique to India. The organization is, however, highly effective at a grass-roots level and has a distinct focus on enterprise creation.
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20 November, 2009 by 3W


In 2006, 3W's founder, Paul, began his philanthropic journey though smaller investments in well-defined African projects. These projects have now been completed with the oversight of the Lundin for Africa Foundation.
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