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In a 10-day intense study trip, students are able to experience the art, religion, and culture of great civilizations.

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Although we do most of our work in poverty stricken countries, Paul wanted to make sure that he also gave back to the people and institutions from which he benefitted so greatly.  His former professor and dear friend, Håkan Lejon, has given guidance and shared immense knowledge throughout Paul’s life.  In addition, Kristofferskolan, outside Stockholm, provided a strong foundation of knowledge and support.

This scholarship is given annually to two students from Kristofferskolan who have excelled in their area of study.  The Lejon award recipients follow Professor Håkan Lejon on a 10-day journey through the art, religion, and history of Rome.  This experience will hopefully provide inspiration and an appreciation for future studies in art and the humanities.

This year’s winners are Erika Marthins and Rebecka Wikström.  All associated pictures were taken by Ms. Marthins.