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Living without reliable electricity limits the productivity of nearly a quarter of the world’s population. The market demand is huge and with new technology, the electricity sector is being re-configured. 3W has made impact investments in ZOLA (formerly Off-Grid) Electric in Africa and OMC Power in India.

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Access to electricity is one of the keys to development, as it provides light, heat and power for productive uses and communication. Today 1.7 billion people in developing countries do not have access to electricity, most of them living in rural areas; 400,000,000 are in India alone. OMC Power offers these rural customers – both business and household customers – electricity through a solar mini-grid solution. In addition, OMC powers mobile towers, which in turn has an immediate cost-saving and climate benefit.  Although still relatively small, OMC is on the forefront of mini-grid energy having one of, if not the largest, mini-grid distribution networks in the world. In 2017, OMC entered into a strategic partnership with the Mitsui Group to drive expansion in India and Africa.

Within our solar portfolio, we also have invested in ZOLA, formerly Off Grid, Electric.  Founded with a small home system powering a few lights in Tanzania, a phone charger and possibly some small appliances, the ZOLA solution now offers a full energy ladder that can scale to solve any energy problem. Combining innovations from the electric vehicle industry, the company’s engineering is based in San Francisco, its operations are headquartered in Amsterdam, and its team members are located from Shanghai to Lagos. ZOLA’s focus is on building broad distribution for its products so anyone dealing with expensive, unreliable or unaffordable electricity can enjoy 24-Hour Power.