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Get involved with an organization that inspires or interests you! Some that we believe to do good work, based on a mixture of trusted references and first hand experience, include:

  • Virunga National Park — Democratic Republic of Congo –  Together with The Park, we are establishing a separate fund dedicated solely to supporting the widows and children of the rangers who have been killed protecting one of the world’s most important parks.  The fund should be up and running in September 2017.  In the meantime, you can Donate to the Virunga Park.
  • One Acre Fund – Solving chronic hunger in Africa. You can help to bring entire households out of poverty by providing the tools needed to double and even triple the yields of Smallholder African farmers in East Africa.
  • Kiva – Lending to alleviate poverty. An evergreen, non-bank, financial institution with a strong team on the ground ensuring that loans are well placed.
  • Pratham – Quality education to the underprivileged in Indian. We have supported Pratham for 5+ years.
  • Root Capital – A social investment fund to improve rural prosperity in Latin America and Africa. 3W’s single biggest investment.  Paul sits on the Board of Directors.
  • Kickstart –  Develops clever and affordable technologies that are bought by local entrepreneurs and used to establish new small businesses. We were impressed by the company’s irrigation pumps for smallholder farmers in Africa.
  • Caribbean Harvest Foundation – Building a domestic fishing industry for Haiti. 3W is a core funder and Kirsten sits on the Board.

Learn more about the areas that interest you – be it philanthrocapitalism or field work! Some recommended reading from our personal library includes: