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Who we are

Paul Leander-Engström established The World We Want Foundation (3W) in 2005. He had seen the positive effect that business can have on economies and individuals, but also believed that the market forces were not enough to solve the problems of today. He wanted to apply his financial success and business skills to support models of transformative change.

In 2009, 3W took the step from being a dormant, part-time, one man-show towards being what Paul had always envisioned – a very small, yet vibrant, energetic, opportunistic catalyst for change in underserved parts of the world.

Today, 3W has a very engaged and competent board to support and govern the organization. Our board members offer a mix of expertise in business competence, investment management, and an intense interest in development theory.

3W Board Members

The Board is chaired by 3W’s Founder, Paul Leander-Engström. Other Board members include 3W’s Managing Director, Kirsten Poitras, as well as Jacob Röjdmark.

Paul Leander-Engström—Chairman / Founder

Paul Leander-Engström is the Founder and Chairman of The World We Want (3W), supporting social entrepreneurs in Haiti, India, Latin America, and parts of Africa.

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1966. He is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics and the Law School of Stockholm University.  He also attended the Military Intelligence and Interrogation School in Uppsala (Försvarets Tolkskola i Uppsala).

Paul’s business activities have mostly focused on Russia where he helped to set up Brunswick UBS, a leading investment bank, as well Prosperity Capital Management Limited, one of the world’s largest fund managers of Russian equities.  In 2007, he left Prosperity and together with Jacob Röjdmark started Ture Invest, a private investment company with focus on public as well as private equity transactions in the Nordic countries.

As well as being chairman of 3W and Ture Invest, Paul is a board member of Virunga National Park.

In May 2013, his first novel was released, The Conductor from St. Petersburg, written together with Camilla Grebe and published by Damm Förlag in Sweden.  Two additional novels in the Moscow Noir trilogy followed, The Merchant from Omsk and The Spy with No Country, both published by Massolit Förlag. In 2019, “Dirigenten”, a mini-series based on the first book in the trilogy, hit the small screen and was nominated for the Golden Nymph Award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Kirsten Poitras—Managing Director / Board Member

Kirsten has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  After receiving her MBA from the University of San Diego, she began her career with Procter and Gamble where she held numerous brand management positions including Nordic Business Team Leader of FemPro.  Wanting to get involved in International Development and poverty alleviation, she went on to study International Affairs at The Fletcher School in Boston and received her Master’s in 2009.  Her area of focus was the impact of entrepreneurship and technology on populations facing severe poverty.  As well as being a member of 3W’s Board, she is on the board of Ture Invest in Sweden, the board of T3 in Kenya, and a board observer for OMC Power in India.

Jacob Röjdmark—Board Director

Jacob graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1990.  After working for the investment bank Indosuez Capital, he held various management positions at the public investment company, AB Industrivärden.  In 2006 he started the private investment firm, Ture Invest.  He is currently Managing Director of Ture Invest and Board Director of both Future Trading and Selected Brands.

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