Virunga Alliance

Using the Park’s natural resources for sustainable socio-economic development

An ambitious plan to safeguard the Park for present and future generations, to give economic value to the Park’s ecosystems, and to leverage the Park as a stabilization instrument in this very fragile region

Virunga National Park’s resources have enormous economic value. When these resources are poorly managed, they can lead to extreme cycles of violence. Cultivating peace and stability in the region is tied to the Park’s ability to harness the wealth of the Park to help build new jobs and opportunities for the local population. Born out of the Congolese commitment to protect Virunga National Park and the five million people who live within a day’s walk of the Park’s borders, the Virunga Alliance aims to foster peace and prosperity through the responsible economic development of natural resources. The Virunga Alliance was founded on the principle that the Park’s survival depends on its ability to act as an asset for its surrounding communities. Through the responsible and sustainable development of the Park’s key assets – tourism, clean energy, and sustainable agriculture – the Virunga Alliance is working to kick-start a green economy in eastern Congo, for the benefit of its neighboring communities.



To remove Virunga National Park from the List of World Heritage in Danger for its 100th anniversary (1925-2025).


To create $1 Billion USD in sustainable and shared economic activity.

Contribution to Peace

To restore the rule of law and create 100,000 jobs which offer an alternative for members of armed groups.

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