The Nasio Trust

Ending family separation

Nasio Trust works to tackle the causes of family separation and transform systems of care that force children from their families and communities

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Globally, there are an estimated 5.4 million children in institutions around the world. Research proves these institutions can harm their growth and development. And more than 80% of children in orphanages have a living parent. Nasio Trust is addressing this problem. The model works by providing services for children while they are still living with a family member. First, the Nasio team secures a guardian and permanent home for the child. Through early-childhood-development centers, Nasio Trust then provides a daily meal, free pre-school education, support through primary and secondary school (and even through university), medical services (ARV’s HIV medicine), and a loving and playful environment.

Nasio also works to improve living conditions within the local area, building income streams and tackling the root causes of poverty. The team supports the guardians and local communities to set up and manage their own sustainable income generation activities. More than just an alternative to institutional orphanages, Nasio Trust empowers communities in Western Kenya to break the cycle of poverty by providing education, improving health and developing commerce.

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