T3 Recycling Plant

Recycling plastic

is vital for the sustainability of the planet

Trash, or treasure? Giving plastic a new life

With the support of 3W, the T3 Plastic Recycling plant has grown into an innovative approach to poverty alleviation through environmentally sustainable employment opportunities, while encouraging responsible business practices.

Every year, billions of plastic bottles are incinerated, stuffed into landfills, or discarded into the oceans. The T3 Recycling Plant challenges this massive problem. Located near the Kenyan capital, T3 is the country’s first plastic recycling plant of its scale, setting a precedent to possibilities of alleviating poverty while offsetting environmental degradation.

While protecting nature from plastic pollution, T3 is a shared-value venture which benefits vulnerable communities with socially and environmentally sustainable income opportunities. Tons of plastic bottles are gathered by a network of diligent local collectors, employing economically vulnerable individuals. At the T3 plant, these bottles are turned into recycled PET (rPET). Using rPET instead of producing new plastic significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, petroleum use and energy consumption while disrupting an exploitative industry. Companies that buy recycled flakes from T3 are making the important choice of supporting integral job creation and sustainable waste management in underprivileged communities.

Project in numbers

Planned Daily Capacity:

40 tons/day = 2,000,000 bottles

1 million

plastic bottles recycled saves

250 barrels of oil

Collected to date:

3,500 tons = 175,000,000 bottles

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