Electric mobility

is vital for the sustainability of the planet

The standard for electric mobility in Africa

Roam designs and develops electric vehicles for emerging markets, focusing on bringing suppliers, manufacturers and financiers together to enable the deployment of reliable, connected and accessible electric vehicles.

Their new Roam Air is being rolled out at scale and is the only electric motorcycle adapted for the local use-case without infrastructure dependency. The motorcycle is better for the environment and much more cost-effective to operate. And best yet is that Roam Air can be charged freely in any outlet where you can charge your phone. Meaning there are no infrastructure requirements for mass deployment. 

Roam is not only electrifying the motorbike industry in Africa, but they are also bringing the future to public transportation. They have developed electric buses, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of transportation on the African continent. Their Roam Move electric shuttle bus is aimed at the Matatu sector while the Roam Rapid is their electric mass transit bus. Both ensure reliability and accessibility to large-scale bus transit systems across the African continent.

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